[Verslag Pierre leg #2] Upwind tussen het zeewier naar Doha

Ons Zweedse teamlid Pierre Gronberg vertelt in dit verslag over de 2e offshore van Abu Dhabi naar Doha!

Leg 2: Abu Dhabi – Doha
Team Delft Challenge set of for the official leg to race from Abu Dhabi to Doha. The conditions were very light and its looked already from the beginning that the race will stop half way due to no wind.
The team set sail from Abu Dhabi with very little rest form the last race and a tough day before the leg to Doha with 4 inport races and guest sailing.
The start gun sounded and the boats were off. The team did not manage to secure a perfect start and left them at the back of the fleet during the leg 2 giving them very little options on where and how to go about the next 36 hours.
Racing a Farr 30 is tight. With the level of this event all boats have the same speed where the last 0.1 knots kan win the whole race.
A 160nm offshore race is not an easy task. During the offshore the team experienced minor problems with planning but also boat speed and hight. As we are a young semi professional team we still are inexperienced sailors but still we set our goals to challenge the race favourites but also being a race favourite.
We sailed a tough leg and gained allot but also lost a lot of positions. During the night there was no wind and the boats were going very slow in shifting conditions. We lost a few boats due to not having the speed we wanted and did a few tactical mistakes that we definitely learned from. We had seaweed under the boat for some time and lost a lot of speed in this moment and lost one boat due to this.
Over all the leg was not what we were hoping for and finishing in 6th position was not the score we wanted. But this is what offshore does to you. You can’t always be the best.
Our goals are still set to win one leg. The tour is long and we have a long way to go!


Tot op het water!

– Team Delft Challenge